Michael and Marti Parry's Background

Michael has studied metaphysics for over 30 years. In his native country of England, he was reacquainted with the knowledge of his true spiritual nature through the use of various yoga meditation techniques. He met Marti in 1994 when he he came to Los Angeles for a three month visit to repair earthquake damage to the American headquarters of his church. They were married 6 months later. Although Marti was familiar with metaphysics, it had been quite a few years since she was active in any modality. Michael was determined to change that!

Marti has been an artist all her life, but she insisted she could only draw what she saw physically until Michael convinced her to try drawing using her "imagination". After a little drawing and erasing, she came up with a picture of a man whom neither of them recognized. That evening, a friend came over for their weekly meditation meeting, picked up the picture and exclaimed, "This is my boss that died a year ago today!"She brought over the obituary photo the next day and it was most definitely her boss to whom she was very close. (See the portrait and photo in the Media section.)

That was the start of SpiritArt. Now Marti and Michael work together blending together their talents. Michael, who is more clairaudient than Marti, gives messages he receives from those who have passed while she draws a portrait and small significant "doodles" from the other side. They never know who will come through. They both rely on those on the other side to help bring through the connections that will be most beneficial to the client at the time.

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